10 Days Of Anime! – Excel Saga

Posted by on March 17, 2011 at 12:00 pm

The following review was written by guest contributor Sam.

Insanity is a word tossed around a lot, but Excel Saga (not to be confused with Xenosaga) goes above and beyond into complete and utter idiocy, but on purpose. Excel Saga is an anime on a quest for a plot the entire series providing for some of the best gut laughs any anime has ever offered.

If you can survive the incredibly annoying English voice acting (which seems intentional) you will find yourself laughing your ass off. Some scenes however are borderline NC-17, so you might want to keep the kids away.

Excel Saga starts off spoofing itself as we find Excel killed off in the first scene of the first episode only to be brought back to life by the anime’s “McGod” so she can continue the rest of the series. Later in the episode she finds herself on a quest to kill the writer of the series itself, also finding a stray dog – deeming it her spare food supply. Each episode of the series is dedicated to spoofing anime, romance films, horror films, action films, and beyond. Excel Saga does have an underlying plot as Excel tries to take over the city in the name of her beloved dictator (think Pinky and the Brain).

As animation goes, it’s not the best and you do see some really irritating over-exaggerated expressions. Silly does not begin to define this series and it’s certainly not for everyone, but I found myself laughing hard.

7/10 FleshEatingZipper

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