Growing Up TV: Darkwing Duck

Posted by on May 26, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Produced by Disney, a spin-off of Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck (think: clumsy Batman in duck form) and his pilot Launchpad (from that series) fly around town, fighting crime.

I remember the theme song never left my brain. After school, I’d go to my babysitter’s house and while the cartoons played, I kept seeing the “Bartman” commercials for The Simpsons around the same time Darkwing aired. So for a short time I associated Bartman with Darkwing, much to my parents dismay. Anyway, Darkwing (Drake Mallard’s alternate ego) fights crime with villains that parody Batman’s. We find Darkwing tripping on his own feet as a stand alone hero. If it weren’t for Launchpad and his adopted daughter Gosalyn, then he would be totally screwed. Darkwing Duck is easily the one cartoon that got me in the most trouble with my parents.

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