Growing Up TV: Freakazoid!

Posted by on May 30, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Mild mannered computer hacker Dexter Douglas (Paul Rugg) gets sucked into the internet and becomes the nutty superhero Freakazoid. First airing on September 9, 1995, Freakazoid! was a great source of comic relief, airing around the same time as Earthworm Jim. Like that show, this has plenty of off-key and crass jokes which had me rolling as a kid, and villains with names just as absurd like “The Lobe” (a villain with an exposed brain for a head).

Cosgrove (Edward Asner) is a cop who usually ends up helping Freakazoid, often times stopping for doughnuts. This show has good intentions, even though it can be crass to some people, I didn’t watch this show regularly but when I did I usually found myself liking it. “Poo gas” became a common phrase said by most of the people I knew when the show was running at its height. As idiotic as it may be, it’s a classic, and if you haven’t seen it go “freak out” on a couple episodes online!

As fun as the show was, it wasn’t without complaints. The creator of the series (Bruce Timm) was accused of plagiarizing the concept by Mike Allred, creator of the comic book “Madman”, because his character also had a nutty persona and an exclamation point for his logo. All that said, it was still a memorable show.

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