Growing Up TV: The Centurions

Posted by on May 25, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Produced by Ruby-Spears, The Centurions will forever hold a place in my heart for having the most explosions in a cartoon show. Our three heroes — Ace McCloud, Jake Rockwell , and Max Ray — have special suits known as exo-frames (think Lego blocks), and upon shouting “Power Extreme” have all kinds of weaponry beamed on to them by a satellite known as Sky Vault. Sky Vault is kept under maintenance by Crystal Kane, a smart woman who happens to have a monkey while the satellite orbits space. Doc Terror and his sidekick Hacker threaten to conquer earth with their machines, turning humans into cyborgs like them.

As a show this has a lot of cartoon violence and had a ton of parents complaining about missiles being shot, buildings getting blown up, and other various things blowing up. Regardless I had most of the action figures as a kid because my parents thought the show was fine. Boomerang sometimes plays this show among other classics but it’s incredibility hard to find on any kind of digital format, a 4-disc set exists, but is also elusive.

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