Growing Up TV: Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 12:00 pm

I miss the times when cartoon shows were both entertaining and highly educational, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? was such a show. As a kid I had a bit of a thing for Carmen with her red coat, hat, and long black hair. She was good example of sex appeal that made boys like myself want to watch the series and in the process learn a lot about history. Hell, Carmen Sandiego even helped me pass a few history tests back in elementary school.

Debuting on February 5, 1994, we find Acme agent Carmen Sandiego has gone rogue and the player (outside the computer game) ends up creating two detectives to go after her. Ivy and Zack are a brother and sister team bent on seeing Carmen behind bars.

With the CHIEF (Computerized Holographic Imaging Educational Facilitator) helping Zack and Ivy around the world to catch the famous thief we learn about very real world history. By far this show is the most educational out of all the shows I watched as a kid and to this day is a great watch. Carmen taught me that even though she may be a thief, she is an excellent teacher, and has one hell of a catchy theme song. Give this show a watch, the episodes are all over YouTube!


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