Ghostbusters: 27 Years Later

Posted by on June 8, 2011 at 10:16 am

Can you believe it’s almost been three decades since the original film debuted in theaters? For some, that’s half a life time and for others (like me), well, it is a life time. After watching the movie this morning in light of Ghostbuster’s 27th anniversery, I wondered what the film would have been like if development and production went the way it was supposed to go.

It’s difficult to imagine Ghostbusters any different than it is now. Years ago, Dan Aykroyd wrote a script for Ghostsmashers — a group of SWAT-like paranormal exterminators that could travel through space, time, and other dimensions. Sounds nothing like the Ghostbusters we’ve come to love, does it? It gets better. Before our charming cast was picked, “Danny Boy” was hoping his buddies John Belushi, Eddie Murphy and John Candy would jump on board. Unfortunately due to deaths and busy schedules, none could commit.

Would you believe me if I told you they were incredibly close to casting Paul Reubens as Gozer? I don’t care if she was butchy looking, that Yugoslav model sold it for me. Chevy Chase, Michael Keaton, John Lithgow, and Christopher Lloyd are just a few of the actors that were propositioned for the role of Egon. However, Harold Ramis decided that since he knew the character better than anyone else, taking the part for himself was the only way to do the character justice. Good call on that one, Harry.

If Ivan Reitman had the funding and the original cast intended, do you think the movie would have done as well?

A&E would have only been so proud.

The idea of catching ghosts is pretty outlandish as it is. Adding the element of traveling through time and space would have been too much to take in. I think one of the reasons Ghostbusters did so well was its realism and relatability. Well, to a certain degree — more relatable than space dimension time travelers. That and having Bill Murray helped a bit.

Now that the franchise is worth millions — would you rather want a continuation of the series, or have the never before seen Ghostsmashers idea come to life?

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