Allen Samuels “Livin De Life” – Real or Fake?

Posted by on August 10, 2011 at 12:28 pm

If you haven’t heard or seen this yet then take a look at the video. This is apparently Allen Samuels (or his street name, A. Samuels), a 55 year casino executive from New Jersey with a passion for rap that decided to take the plunge I guess.

UPDATE: We got an interview with Allen, click here to check it out!

We know the video was written and directed by Frank Weiss of Wild Rhino Studios, well at least it shows on their site that they did it. We don’t know who the hell Allen Samuels is though, doing a search online brought up a bunch of car dealerships and one article from 2009 that mentions him as a Foxwoods executive in charge of keeping the “whales” happy.

Fake smoke is fake. (I’m actually wrong, it’s real smoke. Just clearing the air, you see what I did there?)

Is he trying to be the next Rebecca Black? Personally, I think that he sounds better than Rebecca Black. Or is Wild Rhino Studios just blowing smoke in our ass? If you have any info on this get at us!

If you want to check out his website here it is also his Twitter and Facebook fan page. Did I also mention that you can buy the song on iTunes?

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  • Frankalicious

    Oh wow. lol That’s just embarrassing. Not the worst rap song I’ve ever heard, but the video is what makes it so awkward. The chain around his neck, the African American imitation accent and the rap style hand movements just didn’t allow me to take this seriously one bit. Good for a laugh though.

  • Frankalicious

    Sorry A. Samuels. I’m not trying to disrespect you, but an honest opinion is infinitely more valuable than a dishonest one. If you enjoy doing what you do and it brings you happiness then more power to you because that’s all that really matters.