Rapping with Allen Samuels, an Interview

Posted by on August 10, 2011 at 7:11 pm

Earlier I posted an article asking if Allen Samuels, the 55 year casino executive with his viral single “Livin De Life” was legit. As soon as I posted it to Twitter he reached out to us and I got an interview with him. He doesn’t want to get his company involved with his personal life so he wasn’t able to verify to me that he really is a casino executive. We respect his privacy and I’m leaning on the side that he is totally legit.

FleshEatingZipper: How long have you been in the casino business?

Allen Samuels: 30 years. Started at the Sands Casino/hotel as a bus greeter in 1981 and worked my way up through the ranks!

FEZ: What made you decide to record this song and make the music video? Like we’re you just bored or are you trying to venture off to do this?

AS: My son and I Listen to hip-hop… I grew to love hip-hop. I had the inspiration to write the song and the rhymes just started coming to me. The video was just the follow up vision to the song. I enjoy watching music videos so I wanted to follow up with one of my own. And we are open to ideas on the remix! Ha!

FEZ: There are always haters out there, how are you dealing with that?

AS: I’m used to it from the casino business but i have alot of confidence in myself. To be honest, it’s hard to read some of the things but I’m just having fun with it staying positive and enjoying the ride!

FEZ: Do you have any kind of musical background?

AS: Nope, just a fan! I love listening to all kinds of music especially R&B coming up, until I got into hip-hop! Now I’m straight up HIP-HOP!

FEZ: What kind of music do you listen to?

DF: Hip-hop, Tupac, 50 Cent, everything from the old to the new!

FEZ: What’s next, are you working on more singles, is there an album coming out?

DF: Working on another song, stay tuned!

FEZ: Lets clear the air really quick, are you related to Rebecca Black in any way?

AS: NFW! Haha, no way!

FEZ: Can I borrow your Gulfstream sometime? I’ve never been in one.

AS: Anytime! Are you paying for gas? Haha

FEZ: When are we going to party together?

AS: Same answer, anytime!

Hey, I’m broke, I don’t want to even know what the fuel for a private jet costs! Next time I’m in New Jersey we’re going to party, I’ve never been there or New York so you’re going to have to take me to all the best spots! Thanks again Allen for taking the time to talk with us.

Don’t forget to check out his website and buy his single on iTunes.

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  • Frankalicious

    Kudos to him for doing what he does despite the haters. My only suggestion is that he try to be more himself and tone down the rap “character” aspect of his songs and videos.

  • SouthJerseyLori

    Uhhh, yeah, Allen Samuels is real. I used to work with him at the Sands casino.