NBC Cancels The Playboy Club, WTF!

Posted by on October 4, 2011 at 12:57 pm

There has only been three episodes. Three! The ratings fell from 5 million viewers for the first episode down to 3.8 million in the second and 3.2 in this latest one. Advertisers started pulling out in second episode calling it a “commercial disaster” and wanted them to cancel the “degrading and sexualizing program immediately” reported the Hollywood Reporter.

You may recall that I thought the show was pretty good saying that Amber Heard in a Playboy Bunny uniform was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Now it looks like we may never see the rest of what was filmed (or Amber Heard in a Playboy Bunny uniform) as NBC is replacing it with reruns of Prime Suspect until October 31st when the show Rock Center will take the time slot.

It’s sad that people in the US can’t get over little stuff like this, we want to just sweep the past under a rug. Even if the show is fictionalized it still is showing how it was in the 1960’s. I mean Mad Men is still around and that show they are telling jokes about their wives right in front of them. God forbid you put an attractive female in a form fitting outfit that is revealing someone has to pay! Seriously…

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