The Walking Dead – Season 2 – Episode 3 – “Save The Last One” With Some Spoilers

Posted by on October 31, 2011 at 2:14 pm

The Walking Dead continues, on AMC with the third episode of season 2.

Read on for some splendid zombie action!

We left episode 1 with Carl taking a round in the chest after getting too close to a buck, in the woods. In episode 2, the survivors found another group, including a doctor, who are now working to get Carl off the critical list.

Episode 3 opens with Shane going all G.I. Jane and shaving his head in the shower.

I always knew that dude was a little “sensitive”. I think I’m going to start calling him “little miss sassy-pants”.

From there it cuts to a scene where Shane and Oits are running through the high school, trying to get away from the zombies, who are hot on their heels. Rick is telling a story in the background, about Shane stealing the principals car and causing a bunch of chickens to crap in it.

I think the point of the story is that Shane can run really fast or something. I wasn’t paying that much attention because it was about Shane and, let’s face it, he’s a bit of a dee-bag. That guy’s not allowed anywhere near me when the world goes to hell. If I even think I see him, I’m putting a round in his balls.

Andrea is loading up some magazines…I’m surprised old Dale will even let her touch a bullet. He’s been being a major league shit-head, too and I’m just about sick of him. Even in “doing the right thing” he still manages to make an ass of himself and someone needs to slap him in the neck until they knock some sense into him.

I’m going to say this, as a big certainty. Otis is more of a man than the majority of the other survivors will ever be. Dude’s a pimp, bottom line. If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, I want dudes like him in MY camp. Seriously, that sloppyfat prick has a set of man-apples on him that won’t quit. P I M P! Rick Grimes runs a close second on the “84 pound balls of solid steel” scale, I must say, but I think I may actually be in love with Otis.

T-Dog’s in shitty shape. That cut is nasty and, as we saw in episode 2, he’s got a nasty infection. Of course, Merle’s crotch-rot pills will help him but I can’t wonder if it’s going to be too late before they’re able to save him.

Daryl is cracking me up. He’s telling a story, which I won’t spoil, but let’s just say that it involves making himself a sandwich and his ass itching. I’m going to say it again – He’s turning in to a really strong character in the story now and I’m really glad to see it. Also, I think he’s going to end up banging Andrea. Lucky bastard.

I’m going to have roasted chicken and herb tortellini with garlic bread for dinner tonight and, chances are, you’re not which means my dinner kicks your dinner’s ass…Just sayin’.

As one would suspect, the staff of the show did an INCREDIBLE job of building up the suspense surrounding Carl’s injury and surgery.

As for the upcoming events, well…things have taken a really unexpected turn in the “OMGWTF” direction and are going to heat up in the upcoming weeks. Have a look at the full episode and see what’s going on, and what’s to come…that’s all I can tell you.

Until next week!

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  • dad

    Rule 1. Conditioning. Otis needed to be able to run faster.

    Shane sensitive? The guy is in love with his best friends wife, whom he was tapping, under the assumption that he was dead. Did he leave him for dead on purpose, or just panic, or did he really think Rick was dead? Rick is a man on the edge of the last vestige of his morality, living in a post-morality age. I think he’s shaping up as a fine, well-painted character. I hope they’re still setting him up for something huge that happens in the comic, although the order is already all jacked up and this show is definitely more ‘inspired by’ than ‘based on’.

    Daryl’s character is also shaping up, he’s the racist spawn of years of careful inbreeding, sure. But he seems to understand loyalty and the importance of morale better than anyone else in the bunch.

    Glen needs to be fleshed out a bit. Andrea is wasting space so far.

    Zombie stories are not about zombies. They’re about what happens to people when you subtract safety, authority, accountability, and hope. I think TWD is doing a respectable job of presenting a vision of that so far.

    • Yeah, they are doing a good job of painting that picture, for sure.  

      As for Shane, I just don’t like him.  I think he’s a coward and he needs a hardcore dry-anal-raping with a jumbo-sized squid jig.

      I do REALLY dig Daryl’s character more and more with each passing episode and, yeah, Andrea and Glen are just filler at this point.  I’d like to see them fleshed out a lot.

      We’ll see what they have on paper over the next few weeks.

  • Dad

    Why the hell can’t I post as my Forum ID?

    • Anonymous

      They’re not linked together. Some day…

  • Jason Surber

    I know last week Otis would be a snack, I just didn’t know
    how he would become it, I was a little shocked by it though. People talk about
    how Shane is becoming more like a villain, but I think in the world that has
    been laid out before them, you need to be more of a survivalist, like Shane is
    becoming, I think in our world it is hard to think or sacrificing the fat guy
    that would make a good snack for a lot of zombies so that the skinny guy and
    the kid can survive. Kind of a callous way of looking at it, but in that type
    of situation what would you have done? Left him and the supplies behind? Or shoot
    him take the supplies and run for hills?  This show is the only reason that I hate
    working nights at DISH, how am I supposed to stay on top of it if I work so
    late, and go to school all day, I never have time to turn the television on.
    Although someone left me a “wash me” in the dust, it was me, but I like to
    forget I did it so I can blame someone else. So I got caught up in the computer
    lab at school today watching on dish online, and its hard to explain to people
    when you scream out LUNCH! Randomly why you are saying it, but all in all, this
    is a great show, even at its snail pace.

    • Quit bitching about work, I come here to forget about that place.

      Shane’s having to make some tough decisions, and I’m thinking that’s going to continue to wear on him.  I agree with you that he’s a survivor and think he’d be the first to suggest a hot meal after a plane crash in the mountains.  Someone has to be that guy, and sometimes that guy is the one who saves everyone’s bacon (to be consumed at a later time, when there’s no actual bacon to be had).