Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere Review: Has Anything Changed?

Posted by on June 18, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Last night Falling Skies season 2 premiered, so I sat down to catch the entire 2 hours to see if anything has changed or if it got better. Spoilers are ahead. After the season finale we were left with Tom Mason about to get on an alien ship and that’s where season 2 starts off.

We are quickly told it’s been three months and jump into the 2nd Mass ambushing some skitters. During the firefight we see Ben now helping out as a soldier. Ben still seems to have a connection with the aliens as he can feel them still alive and straight up shanks one of the aliens in the head then proceeds to shoot another which happens to be the one his Dad, Tom, just shanked. Not knowing this one of Ben’s bullets enters Tom.

With Tom slipping in and out of surgery we see flash backs of what he experienced on the alien ship, which is not a whole lot. They want us to surrender and live in prison camps or they will just kill everyone off, blah blah. After he refuses they drop him off and let him find his way back to his kids and the rest of the 2nd Mass.

With Tom out of surgery everyone is curious to how he escaped unscathed, not being anal probbed or nothing. It turns out he has some kind of roly poly in his eye. After pulling it out AND NOT KILLING IT, it later chews threw the glass jar and flies away into a nearby aliens eye, of course. So we get to find out what that thing was doing…

The season premiere is more of the same Falling Skies. I got to say, the show is very consistent, it’s a lot of running and setting up camp and running some more. If you are into the entire survivor/alien type of show and dont mind the whole talking heads bit a lot then you should watch/keep watching the show.

7/10 FleshEatingZipper

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