So, About That ‘Zombieland’ TV Series… Let’s Not Get Our Hopes Up

Posted by on April 17, 2013 at 7:59 pm
Nothing about this feels quite right.

Nothing about this feels quite right.

Remember when we told you about that Zombieland series that Amazon was producing? Don’t you remember our cautious optimism? The sliver of hope that it would turn out decently? Well, the trailer has ‘leaked’ out to the internet and it’s probably messier than the zombies.

There really isn’t anything about this trailer that feels right. In fact, by all means it’s a low-budget riff on the original film, but all of your heroes have been substituted by unknown actors that don’t carry the humor or charisma of that film. It’s not quite a sweded version of that movie because that would at least be funny. This looks like The CW on Friday night. Of course, I guess we should’ve known that from the released poster, which is probably one of the worst ever produced.

Well, you know how we are: we’ll give the show a fair shake – it should be online in the next day or so – but this plane looks like it’s already on fire.

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