Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay From PAX ’11 East

Posted by on March 14, 2011 at 8:46 am

Some sneaky little guy filmed a portion of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution at its PAX ’11 East showcase. The short clip specifically deals with hacking, augmentations and the menus. I wish this was as entertaining as Cloverfield. But hey, at least you won’t get motion sickness from it.

Video after the break!

The interface looks spectacular with the accentuating orange Tron-like highlights. Obviously it helps show which objects can be manipulated one way or another. Remember those classic mechanics we have learned to love over the last decade? I bet you do. I also bet you saw that they’re still there!

From personal experience, I’m looking forward to taking another go at this franchise. For a young lad, the original games were difficult. …well no. They were incredibly strenuous especially to my health and mind. Forget about learning how to manage augmentations. I was too busy dying and giving up. Times have changed. I guess you could say I’ve been training for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get delayed again. We’re crossing our digits.

Source: Reddit

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