Diablo 3 Gameplay Video #3

Posted by on September 29, 2011 at 10:06 am

Yep, I’m still at it with Diablo 3 – hacking and slashing away at zombies, skeletons, carrion bats and big uglies.

In the third of my gameplay videos, I’m continuing where I left off with #2…Right before it glitched and a hundred million of those purple ball shooty thingies popped up and owned me in the face.

I’m not sure how it happened but, as I say in the video, I got jumped by about 10 guys as soon as I walked in. I fought valiantly but it seemed like the purple things came from everywhere. When I go back and look at the video I realize there weren’t nearly as many as I thought there were – I was certain I’d gotten jumped by 150 of them – but they still kicked my butt in no time flat.

So here I pick up just after I revived and go through the “dungeon” I was getting ready to enter, and then on to fight a mini-boss, who I wrecked most satisfactorily.

After that, I head back to town and figure out how to craft items which I can then either wear or place on the auction house to make some money with.

As always, keep checking back in for more gameplay vidoes. More classes, more fights, more blood, more of all that stuff that makes you giddy waiting for this game to come out.


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