Star Wars : The Old Republic – HD Video Preview – No Plot Spoilers

Posted by on November 29, 2011 at 9:14 am

Star Wars : The Old Republic (SWTOR) gets a preview, FEZ Style?

Damned right it does! SWTOR is releasing on Dec. 20th and we’ve had a chance to play it, learn it, love it and preview it for all of the fans out there who are chomping at the bit for the 20th to hurry up and get here so they can get out there and kick some galactic ass!

Read on for a few words and the video part of the preview.

In this preview, you’re going to get to see a lot of different aspects of the various gameplay elements from SWTOR. We’ve included character creation, NPC interaction, moving around the terrain and the galaxy, space combat, PVP and more!

We had a couple of opinion pieces earlier this month, one written by me and one written by that dirty MMO hating pig dog, Keith, where we talked about Star Wars : The Old Republic and what we think about it.

Well, Keith hates MMO’s anyway and he’s ultra butthurt because BioWare shitcanned KOTOR 3 to pursue this project so he slammed the whole concept of a Star Wars MMO and brought down upon himself the kind of ire only the internet can muster…

Now I hate to tell him but; Keith, buddy; SWTOR IS KOTOR…Just better. You just don’t know dude.

Star Wars : The Old Republic seems to take bits and pieces of the MMO formula from a number of different sources so it’s hard to say who the bulk of their inspiration came from but if you pay attention you can get a little taste of a bunch of different MMO spices. The great thing is that they’ve combined all of those various flavors into a magical dish of Star Wars awesomeness.

But, that’ll be enough from me until the review. Check out the video below and you’ll get a little taste of the action. Enjoy!

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