EA And Activision: Things Are Getting Ugly.

Posted by on December 25, 2011 at 8:29 pm

EA releases SWTOR, Activision calls it an affront and is now suing EA for $400 million.

Looks like the gaming wars are heating up even more!

(Clarification, due to apparent confusion over the opening statement : The lawsuit relates to EA allegedly luring programmers away from Activision, not to the release of SWTOR)

Read on!

Well, I think we all knew this was coming. Activision was the king of the shooter for years and EA challenged them with the Battlefield franchise, taking a sizeable chunk out of their market share….Activision/Blizzard has been the king of the MMO genre for a long time now and we all know that the boys at Activision LOVE their money to when EA/BioWare stepped in to the ring with their smash hit MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, the sparks were bound to fly.

Well, now things are ramping up with the announcement that Activision is suing EA for a bunch of money because they believe EA is attempting to lure employees away from them, basically citing “contract interference”. Now, I’m no lawyer but the last I checked it wasn’t legal to force someone to work where they didn’t want to work…

So here’s the deal: It looks like two Activision employees, namely¬†Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were working on the Call of Duty franchise were “enticed” by EA (or at least Activision claims to have evidence to this effect) to work with them…or for them, which was a breach of their contracts with Activision. I’m not sure why Jason and Vince didn’t just tell Activision to get bent, and go about their business, but butthurt ensued and now Activision is taking them to court.

EA and the 2 little scamps filed for a summary judgment but it was denied and Activision has been given the go ahead to proceed with their lawsuit, which is currently set for May 7, 2012.

I wonder what Activision will do when they find out how many people are playing SWTOR…

I smell a storm coming.

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