EA And Activision: Things Are Getting Ugly.

Posted by on December 25, 2011 at 8:29 pm

EA releases SWTOR, Activision calls it an affront and is now suing EA for $400 million.

Looks like the gaming wars are heating up even more!

(Clarification, due to apparent confusion over the opening statement : The lawsuit relates to EA allegedly luring programmers away from Activision, not to the release of SWTOR)

Read on!

Well, I think we all knew this was coming. Activision was the king of the shooter for years and EA challenged them with the Battlefield franchise, taking a sizeable chunk out of their market share….Activision/Blizzard has been the king of the MMO genre for a long time now and we all know that the boys at Activision LOVE their money to when EA/BioWare stepped in to the ring with their smash hit MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, the sparks were bound to fly.

Well, now things are ramping up with the announcement that Activision is suing EA for a bunch of money because they believe EA is attempting to lure employees away from them, basically citing “contract interference”. Now, I’m no lawyer but the last I checked it wasn’t legal to force someone to work where they didn’t want to work…

So here’s the deal: It looks like two Activision employees, namely Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were working on the Call of Duty franchise were “enticed” by EA (or at least Activision claims to have evidence to this effect) to work with them…or for them, which was a breach of their contracts with Activision. I’m not sure why Jason and Vince didn’t just tell Activision to get bent, and go about their business, but butthurt ensued and now Activision is taking them to court.

EA and the 2 little scamps filed for a summary judgment but it was denied and Activision has been given the go ahead to proceed with their lawsuit, which is currently set for May 7, 2012.

I wonder what Activision will do when they find out how many people are playing SWTOR…

I smell a storm coming.

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  • Guest

    This lawsuit has nothing to do with WOW or SWTOR. Nice lie to draw people in.

  • LSky

    It’s against the law to offer someone a job?

  • Anonymous

    Apparently so, especially if those fellows signed a Non-Comp Agreement before hand, which might be the case. Regardless, we all knew this was coming. Of course Blizzard was going to sue EA all along. You think Blizzard was going to allow a slow down in their money faucet?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I don’t see what problem Activision/Blizzard has with EA anyway. It’s not like SWTOR is a direct competitor. Their respective games are not entirely similar. SWTOR is for players who like story and solo action in their MMORPG. WOW is for people who don’t care for those things. Apples and Oranges. SWTOR is for people who like their quests read to them. WOW is for people who love to read lots and lots of text.

    • Actually, I should be more clear.  The lawsuit doesn’t relate to the SWTOR / WOW competition, it relates to EA allegedly luring programmers away from Activision.  They are pretty mad about SWTOR, though.

  • Actually this is pretty old news , I mean this was on the hinges all the way in 2010, The main thing that started all this. Was Vince and Jason who were not just any programmers they are the true founders of Infinity Ward for one. Two; they were not getting there royalties from the series and they asked up front for their money they were owed ! Then Activision pulls this they were being lured away by EA b.s.  Here check this wiki link ,   (i know wiki is not the most reliable) But this will give you alot more insight. If you search for more definitive answerings I suggest you google for much indepth sources. Trust me they are out there and Adam Sessler from X-play did a good piece about this on his radio show.  Truly open my eyes up on the matter.

  • Trey T.

    What the hell is going on here?! Usually a company just makes a better counter offer to keep their key employees (or gives them a piece of the rock, promotion, etc.). I guess it’s really not about the programmers. Any excuse to let the lawyers loose.

  • ArbiterX

    its more EA vs Activision and BioWare & Blizzard are getting pulled in by the media

  • There is no relation at all between the suit you are reporting on and SWTOR or Bioware. None at all. 

    • Hey, thanks for the comment Dan. Yeah I read quite a bit about the lawsuit but I really didn’t want to go into it all since 63828464839291 sites are covering it. I just figured it deserved a quick mention since it is one of the fronts in the war between the two companies.

      I also mentioned that the two were unrelated. I realized there could be some confusion so I made sure to pop that in there.

      Again, thanks for the comment. A little constructive criticism is always better than being called a faggot by a reader, because they didn’t like an article.


    • Dan, for the most part I do concur with what you’ve said about more research should be looked into about California labor & employment law before we go all half cocked with assumption.

      Though I assure you when this dispute started it was initially of West and Zampenella wanted Intellectual property rights as well there royalties for the COD modern warfare series.. Then Activision started the accusations of them breaking contract by working with EA behind there backs., And only ones besides EA siding with Vince and Jason, Is the IWEG = Infinity Ward Employee Group with 38 ex employees saying the same as West and Zampenella. Theyre suing for bonuses an unpaid compensations. as well punitive damages. As for May ,7th 2012 is not for EA and West/Zampenella it is for the hearing for the IWEG..

  • Loser2


  • Braton14

    Just looking at the Age Of Conan advert on the right and thinking that Conan could be replaced by arthas.. I think everyone knows who’s been replaced as the king of MMOs