Star Wars : The Old Republic – The Legacy System. WHEN, DAMMIT?!

Posted by on January 14, 2012 at 8:41 pm

For those of you who aren’t sure what’s going on with this whole “legacy system” in SWTOR (and those who haven’t even heard of it yet), what we know is that it is a system which is intended to tie all of your alt-characters to your main character, through familial relationship; Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, etc…

The system makes all of your characters share the same last name as well as sharing something called “legacy experience” which allows you to gain legacy levels.

But when the hell are they going to finish implementing it?

Here’s what James Ohlen, head of the design team for SWTOR, had to say about the whole thing:

“It essentially allows you to, instead of just having a bunch of alts that have no relation to each other, you can acutally create a family tree where your alts can be related to your main character, either as, you know, a sibling, a son, a father, a family friend, or a husband and wife.” Also adding “You can actually choose the relationship your characters will have with each other. And then you gain legacy experience points and legacy levels, and with legacy experience points and levels, that gives you–that allows you to unlock abilities, perks, a whole slew of different advantages, essentially, that all the members of your legacy tree will be able to enjoy.”

So, yeah, that’s all well and good but they have yet to patch the functionality into the game, which makes me a sad panda. I mean, it’s there in that you unlock the legacy system and start gaining legacy XP / levels as soon as you finish act 1 (usually between level 30 and 35) but that’s it for now. The special abilities, unlocks and other cool features which are supposed to be a part of the legacy are yet to be seen.

And I really want to see them.

So what do YOU think they are going to include? Comment below!

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