Star Wars: The Old Republic – Patch 1.1.4 Is Live

Posted by on February 22, 2012 at 11:48 pm

BioWare today released the latest update to SWTOR, in patch 1.1.4. I’ve had a chance to do some playing since it came out and it SEEMS that this one didn’t break anything.


Well, since it didn’t break anything (that I know of), which means I have nothing to complain about (yet) I’ll just go ahead and drop the patch notes for everyone to have a look at.

And here they are, in all their glory!


The key formerly bound to /bug can now be mapped to any action and no longer opens the /bug window. The command is no longer able to be bound to a quickslot, but player can still type /bug in chat to open a new bug report.
Classes and Combat

Using abilities with indirect targeting (such as area of effect abilities) will no longer cause players to be flagged for PvP if a PvP-flagged player from the opposing faction is within the ability’s range, and the ability will have no effect on the PvP-flagged player.

Imperial Agent

Medical Therapy: Kolto Probe and Recuperative nanotech will now properly benefit from this skill.

Bounty Hunter

Carbonize: PvP armor for Combat Tech will no longer prevent this skill from stunning enemies.
Flashpoints and Operations
Eternity Vault

Casting Mind Trap will no longer cause Soa to lose threat against his primary target.

Karagga’s Palace

G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator now has fewer hit points in Normal Mode.

“Show Usable” now properly filters to only show equipable items.
Missions and NPCs

Unlikely Allies: Resetting no longer requires players to abandon and re-acquire the mission in order to complete it.

Fixed a queue interface exploit that allowed players to bring additional players into a warzone. While imbalances can still happen under specific circumstances, the issue can no longer be intentionally triggered by players in this way.

Alderaan Civil War

The Eastern Turret no longer fires twice under some circumstances when it is captured by the Imperials.

World PvP

The /stuck command will no longer teleport players to the location where they died.

Added a /version command.
Added several new preferences for cooldown appearance:

Show Ready Flash: Toggles a bright flash when an ability finishes cooldown.
Show Global Cooldown Ready Flash: Toggles a bright flash when an ability finishes global cooldown.
Cooldown Style: Changes the art style for the cooldown graphic.
Global Cooldown Style: Changes the art style for the global cooldown graphic.
Show Cooldown Timer: Toggles cooldown time text on top of the ability icon in the quickbar.

Bug Fixes

Sorting will now function properly in the Guild Window.
Items placed in a quickbar are no longer removed when training abilities.
Using Shift + Right Click to split a stack of usable items will no longer cause the item to be used.
Some UI settings (such as quickbar lock, chat font size, and minimap zoom) will no longer reset upon area transition.
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Players will no longer experience occasional disconnection when purchasing Crafting Materials from the GTN.

And that’s that. Now to wait and see if the game collapses while we’re not looking. If it does, I’ll be here screaming about it!

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