Check Out Eliza Dushku Rapping About Her Console

Posted by on September 26, 2012 at 9:57 pm

What do those buttons do?

Besides being super hot, apparently Eliza Dushku is a gamer. Check her out in this music video that reminds of Natalie’s Rap, the SNL skit from a few years ago. It’s from IGN and starts out with her walking in on a couple of dudes who doesn’t think she can hang because they are talking about games, you know manly stuff.

Eliza then proceeds to bust out some lyrical hotness talking about pwning noobz, and how you ain’t gonna get a rematch when you lose. This is a very woman empowering message she is trying to put out there. I know I don’t want to mess with the “Red Ring of Death!” I can’t stop watching this so I’m going to stop right here. Just press play!

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