More Minecraft Star Wars? YES PLZ!

Posted by on September 25, 2012 at 8:43 pm


A few months ago we showed you an amazing Star Wars video which was done entirely in Minecraft and recreated the trench run from the end of episode IV, A New Hope.

Today we got a notice from the creator, Paradise Decay, that he has created a sequel the the original, which absolutely blew my mind, and that we have a nice exclusive of it.

I’ve watched the video…While I was watching it, I wet my pants…3 times. This one is every bit as good as the first one and like its predecessor it makes me wonder how much talent it must take to pull something like this off…Talent and patience, really, because I know I would never have the kind of patience it would take to do this kind of thing. Hell, I get so mad just building a damned house that it’s all I can do to not put my fist through my monitor and take a pickaxe to my keyboard.

So apparently Paradise Decay has oodles and oodles of talent, oodles and oodles of patience and oodles and oodles of time…3 things I have none of because I’m a pissed off, talentless bum with serious organizational issues which means I could never create something like this and that makes me want to kick him in the balls. I’ll be nice and not kick his nuts, though, because the videos are really cool.

So here it is, guys. Minecraft Star Wars – The battle on Hoth. Enjoy it and share the hell out of it. This guy deserves viral status.

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