Think You Can Hax? Quadrilateral Cowboy Reveals New Trailer, Blows Your Mind

Posted by on February 5, 2013 at 6:07 pm
Look at these displays! These are all yours!

Look at these displays! These are all yours!

Have you ever played a cyberpunk game like Deus Ex and wondered why you weren’t typing on a virtual keyboard with your keyboard, hacking each camera, door, and trap line by line, rather than just pushing some easy buttons? Do you really feel like a hacker when you’re hacking with a mouse or a few face buttons? That’s not real hacking, that’s for poseurs. Quadrilateral Cowboy from Blendo Studios wants you to get into the nitty gritty and script your way through and past a score of defenses. Are you hardcore enough for that?

I’ve watched the trailer below and read up on Quadrilateral Cowboy and I’m not quite sure if I could hang with what they’re doing here. Maybe Kelly can. As you approach each obstacle, you’ll be required to not only command line into each solution, but you’ll also be able to back up entire scripts to deploy as you see fit to accomplish tasks faster. What you see in the command line in the video looks primitive as far as input, but that’s still a league beyond anything I’ve ever done. Do you remember the last time you used a command line and weren’t a web developer? Seriously, almost twenty years here.

Still, maybe they tutorialize it very well and you can become a hacker in no time. Is that the kind of gateway that Quadrilateral Cowboy wants to create? Like drugs? Watch the trailer and draw (or input, whatevs) your own conclusions.

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