Drox Operative (PC) Hands-On: A Pretty Hardcore Romp Through Space

Posted by on March 25, 2013 at 4:59 pm
Drox In Spaaaaaaaaaaccceeeee...

Drox In Spaaaaaaaaaaccceeeee…

As I mention in our FEZ PLAY below, I’d received the opportunity to check out Drox Operative, a space adventure-slash-RPG, toward the end of last year because developer Soldak Entertainment. To be frank, the web site, dressed in Times New Roman, did not impress, but I’m more than willing to give most any space-based game a chance. So I gave it a few hours to win me over.

Drox Operative is an immense undertaking. Even if you set the game world to small, you’re greeted with a universe of possibility from the get-go and when the game informs you of its intentions, it does so in the most brutal way possible: through large amounts of text. When you interact with something like a planet, you’re given an array of options that you don’t understand. So, you go around the galaxy using wormholes and encounter different factions while pursuing quests and shooting bad guys, which is pretty satisfying. Drox Operative offers plenty to do, but you’ll need to do a big of digging to really get to its core. I just didn’t have the patience.

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