‘EVE Online’, Meet Oculus Rift [UPDATED With Video]

Posted by on April 26, 2013 at 5:41 pm
All we really need are gaming pods at this point, right?

All we really need are gaming pods at this point, right?

EVE Online is a pretty fun game if you can fall in the right crowd. Well, maybe fun is too strong a word considering at its most actionable, the game keeps you a relative distance from the actions involving your ship. It’s an emotional gulf that puts you at odds with a lot of the game’s universe, which has kept the player population down to its most hardcore. So how do you resolve that? Well, I guess you can play Dust 514, but what you really want is some Oculus Rift action, of course!

Now, I love me some TIE Fighter, but I must admit, sailing back and forth across the blank of space to mine asteroids would be an absolute bore unless you were able to share a ship with a party. What CCP showed off at the ongoing EVE Fan Fest in Reykjavik, Iceland was merely a primitive demo, but it’s a mere taste of what they have in store for us in the coming years. Playing with an Xbox 360 controller, players are pulling off space sorties against enemy pilots. It’s arcade-y, built in Unity and not hooked directly to Tranquilty – EVE Online’s massive server shard – but who knows? Maybe EVE Online will get steered in a whole new direction with some virtual reality love.

Source/Photo credit: PC Gamer

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