IllumiRoom For Next Xbox Unveiled, But Can It Beat Oculus Rift?

Posted by on April 29, 2013 at 8:33 am
This coffee table projection offers extended reality, but is it enough?

This coffee table projection offers extended reality, but is it enough?

Originally unveiled at CES behind closed doors, IllumiRoom is Microsoft’s big new living room accessory for their next generation Xbox. The footage that leaked out, featuring splash damage and other, minor details breaching the boundaries of the TV, seemed unimpressive, but in full motion, the coffee table projector seems pretty neat… if you have the stadium-sized living room that Microsoft assumes you have.

While Philips has ultimately toned it down a bit, I loved the Ambilight television feature in which multiple strips of LED lights mounted on the back of the set changed color to add subtle peripheral lighting to what happened on-screen. Illumiroom expands this concept a thousand fold with a Kinect-equipped projector that can extend the game far beyond the confines of what you see on screen. It’s also incredibly customizable, allowing you to display full game footage – giving you a peripheral view that all the other boys will be envious of in multiplayer shooters – or merely extending the special effects happening on screen.

It’s hard to believe such a projector would be cheaper than an Oculus Rift headset, but as far as we know, none of the next-gen consoles are promising any support for the indie VR headset. While IllumiRoom doesn’t seem like it’ll cause the nausea that Oculus Rift is capable of, it also doesn’t seem like it’ll be anywhere near as immersive and it’ll require, like Kinect, a decently-sized room to be even slightly effective (which means goodbye Japan sales).

You can see a full demo of the IllumiRoom at the source below.

Source: The Verge

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