There Is A God: ‘SimCity Social’ Closing

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 9:00 am
I wish there was a way this game could be more despicably evil.

From the fires of Hell, this game was born.

Bad mouth Maxis’ SimCity all you want, it’s clear that they had good intentions that simply couldn’t be exercised in reality. SimCity Social, however, is one of the most vicious MOMCOTs in circulation. People were actually playing this game by the millions, despite its blatantly pernicious nature, but that fell off in good time and Maxis now axing it and The Sims Social (among others) as Electronic Arts is almost giving up on Facebook games entirely.

You’ll still have until June 14th to dip your toe in the wide-scale calamity that is EA’s version of city-building on Facebook, so, uh, take advantage of it? If you need a textbook example of how to offend the player at every possible turn, you really shouldn’t pass this game up. That EA was recently voted America’s Worst Company (again) by The Consumerist, it seems no coincidence that they’d be pulling a large chunk of their Facebook games down. No jobs were lost in this transition and that’s good. Hopefully that talent is put toward something considerably less vile, like making SimCity work.

Source: EA via Engadget

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