What’s Happening At E3 This Year? And What Would You Like To See?

Posted by on April 29, 2013 at 10:40 pm
The Electronic Entertainment Nerdgasm

The Electronic Entertainment Nerdgasm

Last year, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment took a huge dump all over my dreams, as well as my predictions, when they decided to not announce the next generation Xbox and the PlayStation 4. This year, they took a huge dump all over my dreams again by announcing them early, the PS4 having been announced a few weeks ago and the new Xbox being unveiled a few weeks from now.

So what’s happening at E3 this year and what will we be up to?

While we can’t share details of what we are going to be doing (because the NSA will take us out) we can give you some ideas as to the plans we have and what you can expect to see from FEZ for the week of E3, coming up in just over a month.

We’re probably going to be live blogging from the big conferences again, like we did last year (as much as we can considering the crappy network connection we will probably have). Of course, we’ll also be banging out articles like madmen as well, writing about everything from triple-A console releases to mobile games and new controller colors to the sexy and wonderful Oculus Rift.

One new addition we’re kicking in this year (most likely) will be video casts, instead of the audio-only podcasts we did last year. We’re going to be filming for a couple of different purposes so we’ll let you in on some of that.

So now I have to pose the question: what would you like to see? Is there a particular game or accessory or story you’d like to see coverage of? Drop something in the comments section and if we can get it done, we will. Remember, we’re here for you!

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