Are People Really Still Mad About The Xbox One Unveil?

Posted by on May 23, 2013 at 3:43 pm
Everything will make much more sense in a few hours!

Everything will make much more sense in a few hours!

It’s been over 50 hours since Microsoft unveiled their new console, but the reaction appears to still be largely negative, which wasn’t the impression I got, but there might’ve been a key difference: Microsoft had already stated that this wasn’t a games event. Do you realize how much this changes their E3 press conference? On the flip side, people, (even developers! (even games sites!)) seem to be giving Sony a lot of credit where, in places, it’s largely undeserved and so little information is available.

Yeah, it’s a funny video. I’m sure I could cut together a video where they mention games and be just as long. Sony’s press conference was games focused and months out from E3, but people definitely had issues with that unveil, too:

I was feeling positive coming out of the PlayStation 4 unveil, but even Forbes declared it was a mixed affair. Microsoft and Sony are simply damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

We speculated on the dangers of not having indie developers be able to self-publish on the console, but we understand that all of our information is speculative at the moment as Microsoft hasn’t said a word about indie games. In fact, they haven’t said much about games at all. The point of this unveiling was to bring the hardware out and show its capabilities and, to the point, knock all of this non-gaming stuff out of their 90-minute press conference so they can focus entirely on games. Would this have been better off if they had shown a few games more? Maybe waited until after E3 to show off the box’s technical advantages? Perhaps, but that could’ve been just as messy.

People say the Xbox was confusing. Why? They said they weren’t doing X, but people keep asking why they didn’t show X. It’s an endless circle where Microsoft keeps losing. They even stated clearly, twice, that the big gaming stuff the hardcore was asking for would come in 19 days (now 17, but you get the idea). People are giving Sony the benefit of the doubt despite the fact that they unveiled just as little about their console. In fact, their conference was a largely bloated affair, even as they touched on a number of games and a few (very few) of the system’s capabilities. This doesn’t have to be Microsoft vs. Sony’s unveiling, but people have such short memories when it comes to the matter that it’s a surprise that Microsoft’s announcement seems to exist in a kind of vacuum.

Wait until E3 before really judging either platform. That’s why I have both consoles on equal footing.

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