Electronic Arts Kills Project Ten Dollar, A Sign Of Better Times

Posted by on May 15, 2013 at 6:01 pm
Cuts are getting deep.

“OMGZ, TEH USED GAEMS.” – Former CEO John Riccitello

Battling the sale of used games is a conflict the publishers would rather be over. In 2010, EA introduced the “Online Pass”, which was required to access multiplayer functions. Once activated, the code is obviously useless, so if the game were ever traded in, the next person would have to instead purchase an online option to get the functionality back.

Well, EA killed it. It’s dead now.

Dubbed Project Ten Dollar by the masses for the asking price of the separate multiplayer component, EA made plenty of ten dollars off the fee and even stated that people weren’t rejecting it en masse. I had little issue with the pass because A) I buy all my games new, B) I rarely play games online and C) I started out in PC gaming where all games required a CD key for authentication anyway. It was EA’s loud war against Gamestop and others of its ilk (which aren’t many anymore) and other companies were quick to snap on, but with this new generation of consoles, I have no doubt that the used game market will nearly completely evaporate and no one will need to spend the time to push their own chintzy code redemption rubbish.

Not that I care.

Source: GamesBeat

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