FEZ PLAY: Grand Theft Auto 4 (Xbox 360) – Just As (Not) Fun As I Remember

Posted by on May 16, 2013 at 8:55 am
Making the game a simulation is its biggest victory and greatest crime.

Making the game a simulation is its biggest victory and greatest crime.

Everyone welcome Rob to his first FEZ PLAY! With the rash of Grand Theft Auto V coverage lately, we’re going back to Liberty City in a game I never came close to finishing, but it stole my heart for nearly 40 hours, anyway. Watch as N misses turns, deals with inertia and momentum (physics!) and can’t seem to get Little Jacob to climb stairs.

Part 4 (Read Part 3)

The crew arrived at the hotel, proton packs armed, hoping they’d avoid the apparitions this time around. This was Space Manhattan; the rules of Earth didn’t apply here. The lobby had been carved out of a single, massive slab of marble with diamond accents glistening off awnings and banisters.

FleshEatingZipper had been granted an exclusive interview with the reclusive trillionaire that had worked on Space Manhattan for the past twenty years. Only problem was, no one knew who he was. That a man (or woman?) could accumulate an untold amount of wealth and remain anonymous was an epic task. Perhaps it was a broker? A Wall Street man? Those guys acquire wealth behind the scenes, no one ever knowing who they are. Lacking charisma, you can still be wealthy if you know how to shift the money.

“Finally!” The public relations man said, tipping his hat to them, “we’ve been expecting you.”

“Yeah, traffic is brutal in Space Manhattan.” Rob said.

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