Microsoft Wants To Sell 100M Xbox 360s Before Closing Up Shop, But How?

Posted by on May 24, 2013 at 6:20 pm
This, but, like, cheaper.

This, but, like, cheaper. Or smaller.

While 77.5M units sold the Xbox 360 won’t be considered PlayStation successful (at least, their first two consoles), but it’ll simply have to do for Microsoft’s second console, one that lost its early lead to the Wii and later, the PlayStation 3. Microsoft has said that they’ll sell 25 million consoles in the next five years to reach that goal and plan to kick off their effort with a big announcement at E3 to come. But as current-gen sales cool off, how could they possibly attain this? I’ll tell you.

Price Cut. Obviously, but I doubt it’ll be the drop to $99.99 they dream of, it’ll probably be a $50 drop to $150 for the base model and $250 for the bigger one. These incremental price drops are a pain, but it’s the price point that the original Xbox left us with, bundled with the original Forza Motorsport. Besides, a drop to $99.99 doesn’t give them any wiggle room in the next five years.

Redesign. Who wagers that they’ll just come out with a new slimmer redesign? It’s been three years since their S model landed and you know they can probably cost-reduce that thing. I’d also spent a lot of time poring over pictures wondering if Microsoft could just develop a small Xbox 360 module for the Xbox One and slot it on the side because of the weird shape of the port, much like how hard drives snapped onto the original Xbox 360.


Source: The Verge

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