Peter Molyneux’s ‘Curiosity’ Finally Winding Down, Its “Life-Changing” Secret Soon Revealed

Posted by on May 2, 2013 at 10:04 am
It's a lot smaller than this now.

It’s a lot smaller than this now.

While it was really only designed for some temporary pleasure – about six months’ worth – 22 Cans’ Curiosity won my heart. Sure, tapping on bricks, a lot of bricks, is kinda boring and actually a pain on smaller screens, but ultimately millions of people downloaded it and tapped away layer after layer, hoping to be the one to have access to its deep secret.

As of this writing, players have already removed 275 layers in the 177 days since the game’s debut on Android and iOS. An in-game countdown suggests the cube is only a week away from completion, but others have suggested it may be as far out as May 21st, the same day as the next-generation Xbox unveil from Molyneux’s former employer. Of course, some have tried to connect these two events, but that hardly makes any sense since he’s obviously not working there anymore since he’s obviously made Curiosity.

For those unaware, the person who chips away the last rock in the cube will receive a “life-changing” secret that they can do with as they please. If you haven’t experienced Curiosity, I’d give it a few taps before there’s nothing left at all.

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