Precursor Games Says Denis Dyack And Silicon Knights Weren’t Malicious

Posted by on May 9, 2013 at 2:58 pm
There are other reasons why Silicon Knights went down the tubes, apparently.

There are other reasons why Silicon Knights went down the tubes, apparently.

As it turns out, Denis Dyack didn’t become a kind of hellspawn after Eternal Darkness, ruining Too Human, siphoning funds away from X-Men Destiny (which was awful) to work on an Eternal Darkness 2 demo to pitch to publishers (that was also awful) and running the company straight into the ground. That’s the narrative that a massive, scathing expose from Kotaku last year painted of Dyack and the Canadian developer, but according to Sean Thompson, the technical director over at Precusor Games, which is now trying to crowdfund an Eternal Darkness 2 of sorts, that’s simply not true.

In Thompson’s own words:

First off I want to say that I appreciate the intelligence and forthcomingness of this discussion. I’ll try to address some concerns as best I can.

From what I can tell, the concerns are focused around the Kotaku article that was published, that was clearly targeted at Denis as opposed to SK. When I read that article I was embarrassed for those anonymous sources, and I dismissed it as journalistic sensationalism used to excite controversy at Denis’ expense. Any allegations that paint Denis as malicious or underhanded are completely untrue. For example, the allegations of funneling funds from one project to another are false, which I can say with confidence because I was directly involved in those manpower allocations. If the article was accurate, I wouldn’t have spent 6 years at SK, and I definitely wouldn’t be sacrificing as much as I am to make Shadow of the Eternals a reality.

I hesitate at writing this because of the risk of switching focus to the past, which is something I don’t have the time or energy to do right now. Right now our focus is trying to create something new, something better. I understand people may disagree with the details of what we are doing, but it feels like new ground and the feedback — both positive and negative — that we’ve been receiving has been without a doubt at the forefront of driving further decisions of this campaign. Denis is one part of a group of amazingly creative people. All of us drive this company together, and share a vision which I feel is worth, and will live up to, your support.

Well, I’m not giving Precusor Games a dime. First off, you don’t let a piece like Kotaku’s, one so full of specific misdeeds, roast out in the open for the masses to be impressed by. If silence was Dyack’s weapon against the allegations of mishandling all of his work for the past decade, then it failed miserably. Go to any site that reported on Shadow of the Eternals’ crowdfund debut and you’ll see armies of angry customers, people who simply can’t trust the man and his ambition anymore. What kind of groan did everyone let out when they found that Dyack was involved? It was immense. I followed the collapse of Silicon Knights as it happened and everything related to that studio is now permanently tarnished. I didn’t even need the Kotaku piece to reinforce it, but the lack of a rebuttal to this day has been damning.

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