Sid Meier Is Making A Mobile Game; It’s Almost Scary How Awesome That Sounds

Posted by on May 1, 2013 at 10:27 am
When Meier makes a mobile game, you pay attention!

When Meier makes a mobile game, you pay attention!

People have been making mobile games for ages, but it wasn’t until recently, with the rise of the iOS and Android empires, that publishers not called “Gameloft” took them seriously. Now, Sid Meier has announced that he’s turned his gaze to those platforms, which basically means they’ll last forever.

Known for Civilization, SimGolf, and tons of other classics going back thirty years, gamer god Sid Meier’s project is a turn-based World War I air combat game called Ace Patrol. The only downside is that that this game could be free-to-play, which not only encourages MOMCOTs from Take Two, but the with-holding of content in favor of DLC. I’m not saying Meier would allow much of this malarkey, but I’m sure his benefactors had some pretty stiff requirements. None of this is in concrete, just speculation on my part, but who knows!

Source: WSJ via VentureBeat

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