‘System Shock 2’ Is Now On Steam, H-H-Hacker

Posted by on May 10, 2013 at 10:40 am
Gaming's most horrifying villain can't come to digital storefronts soon enough.

The Extent Of My E-E-Empire Is Now Infinite, In-Insect… (Insect)….

Just as we foretold in February, System Shock 2‘s arrival on Steam is now reality. Those willing to embrace some DRM will now be able to induct the cult horror RPG into their Steam library immediately. For its first week, the game is on sale for $6.99, so you should snap it up right away. This moment, even!

Featuring some enhancements over the original 1998 release, System Shock 2 is a fully-working update – including cutscenes! – that won’t have you tweaking text files, Night Dive studios did a stand up job bringing the game back to life. Telling the story of an anonymous soldier who wakes up post-disaster on the Von Braun, mankind’s first faster-than-light ship, you end up under the influence of Shodan, the infamous AI and terror of Citadel Station from the original game. Creepy to the max and with the most incredible villain in a video game ever, there’s a reason why this game has achieved such a highly-placed cult status. (Or why Shodan adorns the backgrounds of all of my portable devices.)

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