‘ARMA III’: E3 2013’s Best Shooter (With Gameplay Video)

Posted by on June 17, 2013 at 11:57 pm
Get your war on!

Get your war on!

So you think you can rock out on first-person shooters, huh? You think you have what it takes to line up and take that shot while you keep the enemy from killing you first? Want to slap people in the head when they ask if you “COD on your Xbox”? Great. Then there’s a First Person Shooter you need to have a look at; it’s called ARMA III. I’ve been a semi-fan (read: not their biggest fan by any stretch of the imagination) of first-person shooters for a long time. That’s mostly because the FPS market of the past several years has been largely dominated by second-rate titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Second-rate titles.

These titles aren’t second-rate because of production value or the number of people playing them, they’re second rate because they are geared toward a specific group of ADHD-riddled individuals whose idea of a “firefight” or “combat simulation” is running from building to building killing the people on the other team indiscriminately, not giving a damn about team work, objectives or even trying to survive, since they know the spawn point is a scant 7 second run from anywhere on the map.

Call of Derp - Herp Edition

Call of Derp – Herp Edition

The modern FPS is so watered down that in most cases, I really could not care less about playing them at all. That is, until I find one that has the balls to be what the genre is supposed to be: an unapologetic combat simulator that rewards tactics and team play as opposed to a run-and-gun shit-show. I’ve found that, once again, in the ARMA series. Hop on over to the next page for the details and the gameplay video.

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