E3 2013: ‘Saints Row 4’ Is The Most Extreme Open-World Game Ever

Posted by on June 13, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Thanks Obama! ...oh, wait.

Thanks Obama! …oh, wait.

At this point, you already know if you’re on the Saints Row train. Once a mere imitation of Grand Theft Auto‘s street gangsta motif, the series has found a new home in throwing out everything you know in favor of absolutely comical heights and abilities. I got to sit down with the game behind closed doors and now I’m more excited than ever about your new adventure as President of the United States. Yeah.


Playa President

As the game starts in the White House (or White Crib, as the signage calls it), you’re a President in crisis. Approval ratings are through the floor after a successful campaign and series regular Shaundi informs you that British MI6 believes aliens are about to invade. You’re faced with an epic battery of decisions, including either curing cancer or ending world hunger, punching a Congressman in the head or in the dick and whether to hang out with this one guy who knows you. Your staffers smoke weed, gamble and are all entertained by the executive branch’s new stripper pole.

Then the aliens land.

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