E3 2013: Why Did Bungie’s ‘Destiny’ PS4 Presentation Keep Glitching Out? You’d Be Surprised Why…

Posted by on June 12, 2013 at 6:23 pm
Bungie's first gameplay presentation of Destiny didn't go off without a few hitches...

Bungie’s first gameplay presentation of Destiny didn’t go off without a few hitches…

You can hear some pretty amazing things at E3 if you’re in the right spot. For example, I got to overhear why Bungie’s Destiny presentation at Sony’s PlayStation conference kept having to resort to magic tricks to cover glitches in the game. This was especially troubling after the failure of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV demo that continually froze on-stage. Only thing is: these weren’t glitches. Let me explain what happened.

First off, here’s the presentation with writer Joseph Staten and Bungie head honcho – normally a reclusive figure – on-stage to demo Destiny‘s gameplay for the first time ever.

So what happened?

Joe and Jason enter a hallway and summon a Ghost, a little floating machine that lights your way and makes snarky 343 Guilty Spark-esque remarks, because Destiny is basically Halo.


But something goes wrong…

The ghost is summoned and Jason Jones wanders into the dark. We hold on a shot of his gun in the darkness…


Then we fade back to what we should be seeing, which is the Ghost he summoned…

Yep, that’s the ticket!



So what happened?

As it turns out from my source, despite hours of rehearsals, Jason Jones was actually unable to see what was going on on his monitor, which may be partially why he was slow to react to Joseph Staten’s calls. As it turns out, Bungie was also playing the game back stage, matching with Staten and Jones’s actions on-stage just in case something like that happened. It’s not a new practice, but it was very weird to see it in a world reveal. Apparently, it was also very hot backstage as many developers were ready and waiting to give their slice of the presentation.

It’s nice to know then that this wasn’t a Destiny or PS4 issue.

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