RUMOR: ‘Full Throttle’, Perhaps Other LucasArts Classics Coming Soon To GOG/Steam?

Posted by on June 26, 2013 at 4:15 pm
Bikepunk as a genre? No way.

“You know I’d be on a bike right now if it weren’t for my… destabilizing inner-ear condition…”

LucasArts may be dead, but it still has a massive library of games that are simply sitting on a shelf being unmonetized and unadapted to new computers everywhere. What a lost opportunity! Well, it looks like Night Dive Studios, the guys behind the recent System Shock 2 resurrection (which we told you about!) are at it again with a tease for a Full Throttle port!

It’s not much of a teaser, but the studio’s page has been littered with LucasArts appreciation before. These guys came out of nowhere to negotiate port duties for System Shock 2, which is being held by an insurance company (at last mention), which net them dollars for the relatively cheap price of making sure the game works on newer machines. With LucasArts’ vault now unattended, it seems much easier to negotiate terms. Hmmmm, well, we’ll keep our eyes open! Full Throttle is my favorite Tim Schafer game and playing it again would be priority one if it sees the light of day again.

I’ve reached out to Night Dive for comment.

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