“The Crew” E3 Test Drive: A Day One Purchase

Posted by on June 13, 2013 at 11:18 am
Vroom, vroom

Vroom, vroom

Ubisoft’s The Crew was something that really piqued my interests. I’m not a driving game kind of guy but I do enjoy jumping into Forza or Need for Speed every once in awhile. Ubisoft promised an large-scale RPG so I had to check it out.

The Crew is all about customizing your car, giving you 19 different customizable areas with hundreds of options to choose from. The developer I was with said that parts prices would vary depending on where you were at in the US and that parts could change due to the fact it’s online. The game is massive allowing you to drive coast-to-coast in about two hours with no loading screens in between. No of course you can fast travel if you want.

I started off with some basic customizations for my car on a tablet while someone else was playing in front of me. Once it was my turn I was taken into a standard race following a ghost car. I was told that this was whoever has the the fastest time on your friends list. If you wanted you can also race any of your online friends instead of running by yourself. I was getting used to the controls and abandoned the race I think, or it was done. I was crashing a lot and going the wrong way down a one way dodging cars and the dev looked a little frustrated in me. Ha.

The next part of demo was a take down mission with the two other guys in my demo group. You’re supposed to work as a crew and crash/flip/stop a vehicle. The Hummer we were following was on the road for only a few seconds before taking to the beach. At first I was worried about dodging things like bushes or people but it seems like you just need to worry about trees and large buildings. My developer handler told me it would be easier if someone got in front of the fleeing Hummer and braked to slow them down. After failing to do this multiple times I took a different approach. I followed from just far enough away to guess where the Hummer was going and then came in at an angle and flipped it. Done.

It’s a day one pick up for me and it will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC early 2014.

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