‘Star Citizen’s Economy: A Few Words From Chris Roberts (VIDEO)

Posted by on July 5, 2013 at 6:50 pm
Hi ho, hi ho, to shoot some guys I go...

Hi ho, hi ho, to shoot some guys I go…

The story of Star Citizen is getting more and more in-depth every time we turn around. More ships and systems are being added, more informati0n about the story is being released and it seems like every day we’re learning more about what to expect when one of the most highly anticipated games in memory finally drops in 2014.

So what can we expect from the economy in the Star Citizen universe?

The first thing to know is that the economy will be completely dynamic. The supply and demand, pricing, etc. will be influenced by what players do and the missions that become available should, in turn, be influenced by supply and demand and pricing. Chris gives an example:

If y0u have a weapons factory sitting on a planet and it requires 3 tons of metal alloys, 1 ton of high explosives and 1 tone of electronics, to create 20 missiles that factory will create a mission which will propagate to other systems at the speed of communication in the Star Citizen universe…

He goes on to explain that players can then start shipping runs, but let’s assume a player takes the mission and is then attacked and destroyed by pirates. Now the materials won’t make it which means the factory won’t be able to produce the missiles. This will then effect the availability on the show floor which will cause prices to go up. If this continues to the point that it causes production to halt then eventually the factory will respond to the pirate problem by creating missions for mercenaries to either go out and destroy the pirates or act as escorts, etc…

They’ve even thought this out down the effect combat will have on the economy. During a fight, missiles are being used, ships are being destroyed, etc., which creates additional demand for missiles and ships which will affect supply and demand due to the consumption of commodities. It’s enough to make your head spin ’round with joy and excitement!

Make sure you keep checking back for more information about Star Citizen. We’ll be rocking it out as we get our hands on it to make sure you know what we know!

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