I Love Whiskey Media’s SOPA Coverage

Posted by on January 18, 2012 at 6:14 pm

Did you know that the capital of Sweden is Scandinavia? Or that Steven Soderbergh originally worked on The Golden Girls before being ousted in his attempt to kill off the principal characters? While a lot of internet sites were down today in protest of SOPA and PIPA (including our own), the Whiskey Media folks took to Giant Bomb for a live show instead.

While the company is against the legislation, rather than completely drop the sites, the crew decided to take advantage of Wikipedia’s downtime by bringing on a “panel of experts” live to answer questions from the internet. What resulted was an amazing impromptu act that showed off Whiskey’s community-facing content. Much of this spawns from receipts from their premium subscriptions which started in September of 2010 and allowed for their video content to expand exponentially. Their first major show of force was the Big Live Live Show Live!, an eight-hour web-a-thon to promote their family of sites, including Tested (tech), Screened (film), and Comic Vine (uh, something). Their second annual show was even better and their content has just gotten better since then. That these guys were hilarious is one thing, but I don’t think any other spot on the internet had quite as much fun protesting SOPA as they did.

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