Kmart Will Have You Shipping Your Pants When You See Their Ad, Too

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 6:16 pm
They are both shipping their pants at this very moment.

They are both shipping their pants at this very moment.

Don’t you remember Kmart, the happy-go-lucky department store with the Icees and the exclusive Martha Stewart houseware? Long before Walmart sprung up around my neighborhood, we were in that store at least once a week. They’ve seen better days as their store count shrinks, but it’s this little heap of sunshine that reminds us of that scrappy underdog that’s still… around.

Going for the “well, anything will do at this point” approach to marketing, this new spot may, unfortunately, stand alone as the struggling reach of a once-mighty retailer. Still, it’s pretty clever! Brought to us by Draftfcb, the guys who did the daily Oreo cookie ads, I must have heard the word “shit” at least half a dozen time, despite them obviously stating otherwise. I wonder how many concerned parents are going to walk out on this playing in front of their children? To Kmart’s credit, I did look up where their nearest store was. It’s too far away.

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