Brayola Has ‘Fit Or Not’ Feature That Lets You Judge Bra Fits; I’m Not Joking

Posted by on May 10, 2013 at 4:36 pm
They let you decide!

They let you decide!

I’m sure this came about because of some very professional women in a professional environment and not how you think it did. I know from experience that women complain about their bras. Wires poking places, things too tight other places, etc. It makes sense then that Brayola would introduce a feature to their apparel site called Fit or Not where you can judge whether or not the cups fit the cups properly.

After TechCrunch reported about the Israeli startup this morning, the site has struggled to stay afloat – just long enough for me to get the masthead image above. The feature makes 100% sense, but you’ve probably already figured out why there are other reasons why this is interesting. I’m sure titillation (!) wasn’t the intent, but it’s obvious that the traffic that’s killing their servers right now isn’t introduced in buying anything.

Hey, you’re the one thinking it. I’m just saying the words.

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