Where Are We? Unleash Your Inner Carmen Sandiego With Geoguessr

Posted by on May 13, 2013 at 10:21 am
I think this is the closest I ever got.

I think this is the closest I ever got.

You’re a stranger in a strange land. You’re plopped down onto a road somewhere randomly on the planet. You can go up and down this road, just like you would any Google Street View, but all navigational markings are missing. With only your wits and a vague sense of direction, you hazard to where you are and place a pin on the map. Depending on how far you were, your points go up exponentially. Place a pin in France and wind up in Australia and, well, you won’t have that many points.

Played in five-round matches, Geoguessr is a clever game for anyone with a sense of investigation or geographic worldliness. It’s surprising how homogenous the world is, even with mankind’s differing advancements. A dirt road in North Dakota isn’t really any different than one in the middle of Russia. Vegetation hardly changes from temperate zone to temperate zone. Finding the human influence is often the name of the game if you want to make some good guesses, whether it’s tracking down a utility truck a half-mile up the road and making out the branding or finding an example of the local language. I hazard to guess that since most Street View documentation is of Western countries, it’s why they kept popping up more often, but I had a few guesses in southeast Asia as well.

Whip out your best guesses at Geoguessr now and drop your scores below! My top is just north of 9400.

Source: Gizmodo

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