5 Reasons Why You Should Take Out The Trash

Posted by on June 8, 2013 at 9:11 am
She's doing it wrong.

She’s doing it wrong.

People throw away about four pounds of garbage a day. If you live in a household with three or more people, the shit adds up. It quickly becomes an unspoken game of Russian roulette; who gets to take the trash out? Here are five reasons why you should take it out.

1. Your mom

No, it’s not a “yo mamma so fat” joke, but I guarantee the words “take out the trash” have been ingrained into your brain after all those years living at home. It should come natural by now.

2. It’s the decent thing to do

No one likes taking out the trash. Not even the guys who do it for a living enjoy removing your nasty arse garbage. But they get paid to do it, so why are they complaining? Be the bigger man, or woman (please don’t read too much into that, ladies) and rid the problem before your roommate or family remembers to do so.

3. Bacteria and F*&%ing germs

The kitchen trash bin wins third place for household items with the most amount of germs; you’re looking at 411 bacteria per square inch on that puppy as well. Good news: throwing the entire can into a furnace is an acceptable way of “taking out the trash”.

4. The smell

My God, the smell. It’s like a witches cauldron of half-eaten food, oily goo, and sometimes shit. If you can’t/won’t take out the garbage, why not make it a little more pleasant smelling? Some people believe vinegar and lemon juice cures the foul odor. For me, I just take the damn garbage out.

5. It’s garbage, you retred.

If you need five reasons to remove filth, you have more pressing issues to take care of.

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