Moborobo Announces Version 2.1.1 Now Available

Posted by on March 31, 2013 at 11:28 pm

Hong Kong – April 1, 2013 [FleshEatingZipper] – just announced the release of their new version 2.0.9, which adds full support to the iOS platform, including jailbroken iOS devices!

Moborobo 2.1.1 is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, including jailbroken iOS devices. The already powerful features such as cross-platform contact transfer between iOS and Android systems, complete data backup, Android smartphone management, and Android App download that available. Moborobo will now offer the standard overall data sync features available on popular programs to make device management even easier for Apple users.

Moborobo 2.1.1 breaks out of the limitations of iTunes and iOS platforms by offering iOS users easier access to their data and a familiar feel of the Windows PC operating system. With drag and drop supported, transferring files and data to/from your iOS device couldn’t be easier with Moborobo. You can use your iOS as a disk drive to move, delete, browse, or preview your music, image and videos just like the way you did in the Windows Explorer. There is no cost to use Moborobo it is free to use and there is no registration or account authorization required. Your iOS device is ready to be connected to any PC when Moborobo is installed.

Moborobo 2.1.1 offers users not only the basic management feature of iOS /Android, but also the feature of cross-platform transfer of contacts, music, images, and videos between Android and iOS which empowers users to switch between Android and iOS system with single clicks. Moborobo is working on adding even more downloadable resources for iOS users in the future, including apps, ringtones, and wallpaper! Be sure to keep watching for the latest iOS resources available, with Moborobo!

About Moborobo
Moborobo is a free desktop application that manages your Android or iOS device. It breaks out of the limitations between PC and smartphone by offering smartphone users easier access to their data and meida files. Meanwhile, it is the only tool that supports the cross platform transfer of contacts, and media file between Android and iOS devices. In the absence of an official desktop management tool for Android and the demand for a more effective tool for iOS, Moborobo is a helpful tool for users.

About is one of the Android sync software and application developers. Since it was established in 2011, has been striving to develop and publish high-quality Android sync software for PC and Android applications. has diverse product portfolio includes:

  • Moborobo: All-in-one Android Smartphone PC manager
  • MoboMarket: device end Market application for Android device
  • Mobo Read: full format Android Ebook reader
  • Mobo Play: full format Android video player
  • Mobo Launcher: An Android home desktop replacement application.

All of products titles are completely free to use, and can be downloaded at

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