So I Just Tried Installing IE9 And…

Posted by on March 19, 2011 at 11:28 am

Yes, that is the first thing that I saw. Maybe it was because I was using Google Chrome to download it or maybe I sabotaged the install somehow. I restarted my computer, opened IE 8 and wen’t to the download site. This time instead of telling me to pick my version of Windows Vista either 32 or 64 bit, I was instead greeted by the download IE 9 for Windows 7 64 bit. Yay, that’s me!

Not only am I an extremely talented writer (just joking, I suck at writing) but I’m an equally awesome website designer/developer (not joking about that, who do you think did this site) and I hate IE with a passion as do most tech savvy people on the internet. Why did I install IE 9? Duh, I just said I’m a designer/developer, it’s kinda my job to make sure my websites are cross browser compatible! As far as Internet Explorer goes this is the bet one I’ve seen, not for me of course because I use Chrome mainly but for you know, the people that use IE.

The first thing I noticed was the UI is pretty sexy and minimalistic, one of the reasons I switched to Chrome. The tabs are now inline with the URL/search bar, the home and favorite buttons are under the close/minimize/restore buttons. The stop and refresh buttons are now in the URL bar which I like, similar to Chrome. Microsoft has actually managed to give you 5 more pixels of views space compared to Chrome also.

One of the things that really blew my mind was how fast it opened, I mean damn, it seems just as quick as Chrome and way faster than Firefox. Instead of having that bar across the top when there is a pop-up or blah blah is trying to blah blah they have moved that to the bottom of the browser. I didn’t notice it when it first popped up so I think they need to make it flash real quick so people see it. If it does already they need to make it last longer, like I said I didn’t notice it.

C’mon Microsoft it was you trying to switch me, good try…

I think this is a good direction Microsoft is going with the browser even though they are copying a lot of the UI of Chrome. If they steal some more ideas from Chrome like automatic updates in the background but not check every time it opens like Firefox (I really hate that!) and get an extensions store then I might use it more then I do now. I’m giving this the official FleshEatingZipper stamp of approval for the browser to replace IE 6 – 8. So if you really like IE please please please update to IE 9, you will make the internet a better place. If you use Chrome or Firefox you should still stay with them, they are still superior…

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  • Monkey

    ?? did u say it was better than fire fo

    • Not what I said at all. You need to read the full article. I said that Firefox opens slower then IE9 and my last sentence was “If you use Chrome or Firefox you should still stay with them, they are still superior…”