Sprint Unveils Another Tablet That People Still Aren’t Going To Buy

Posted by on March 22, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Okay Sprint, we get it. The HTC EVO 4G was a pretty big deal last year — everyone just loved the powerfully thin phone with the 4.3″ screen, that it happened to be the your first phone to use your much-vaunted WiMax-based 4G network was a plus. You made the smaller EVO Shift to fill out the keyboard-needing market, but this year you decide that an EVO-branded future relies on a 3D cellphone (what?) and yet another tablet that will fail miserably against the iPad.

It looks like the Open Handset Alliance (those who back Android-operated devices) is trying to attack the iPad in much the same way they did the iPhone: by simply releasing a plethora of models in various form factors, sizes, and prices. Of course, a recent poll indicated that the iPad was still the favored tablet by a considerably large margin, but who knows, maybe the OHA’s approach will work some day.

The EVO View 4G isn’t a bad device by any means, it’s just completely unimaginative. The cameras are standard, there’s a gig of RAM (woo), a 1.5GHz processor (woo) and a 7″ screen (versus the iPad’s 9.7″ surface). There’s also a pressure-sensitive pen/stylus element being introduced (that will be sold separately, of course) that’ll hopefully bring a more intuitive way of using programs, but like Android, will it ever become standard? Speaking of which, the EVO View isn’t even using Google’s reference design for Android on tablets (3.0, like we see on the recently-released Xoom), instead opting for an old school flavor of 2.3 Gingerbread upscaled from smartphones. Samsung tried a similar approach with the Galaxy Tab last year and it didn’t blow minds at retail.

Well, whatever. It’s nice that Sprint is trying its hand at something new, but this isn’t the right direction. Maybe their EVO branding will get people to pick these things off shelves, but my guess is that it’d probably be more worth their while to try and get a CDMA iPad out of Apple instead of yet-another unimaginative Android tablet.

Source: Sprint

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