The Future Of Foursquare Check-Ins Requires Literally Swiping Your Phone? AWESOME.

Posted by on March 12, 2011 at 11:00 pm

Use Foursquare? What about Facebook Places? If the latter, why? Did you know Foursquare exists? Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Many of us know that location apps are hindered by a legion of wrong check-ins or outright cheating: a portion of the system hinges on some honesty about where you’re checking in. For those who play by the rules, there’s a real sense of satisfaction when you unlock that one elusive badge where you’ve visited all of the best dental museums in the world (it doesn’t exist, but it should…). Well, it looks like Foursquare is figuring it out and I’ll explain how after the break.

In the photo above is a new Nexus S phone by Samsung, highlighted is the phone’s NFC (Near Field Communication) chipset that’s incredibly new to Android phones – and American phones altogether. What is it? It allows for wireless information transfer with the mere swipe of your phone. There are millions of NFC-capable payment systems at your local convenience stores, but few are active because NFC-equipped phones simply haven’t picked up here in the States. Google placed a bet on it with its Android platform, but hasn’t done much with it.

Meanwhile, on a recent tour to Foursquare HQ, Business Insider revealed that they have a physical ‘badge’ that they can simply wave their phone over to check into work. It seems that they may be placing their bets on getting Foursquare buttons equipped in every store for easy check-ins, which is all part of their new plans to conquer the world (or simply check into every place on it).

Excited? You betcha!

Photo Credit: Anandtech
Story Credit: Business Insider

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