Why I Am Not Getting an iPad 2…or any other tablet. Yet.

Posted by on March 9, 2011 at 1:06 pm


As most know the Apple iPad 2 was announced last week by Apple in typical fanfare. As a gadget nerd I often get an itch to buy a tablet just because it’s something shiny and new. Right now, it seems better than ever to jump on the bandwagon. You have the iPad 2, you have the Motorola Xoom and you also have the HP Touchpad coming out in the summer along with the what seems like infinite other Android tablets. Yet here I am, confident another year will pass and I will not buy a Tablet.

Why? Read on to find out.

Well it’s simple really. I don’t think a current Tablet does anything significantly greater than my smartphone, and most certainly do not match the functionality I use my desktop computer for. To me, tablet computing in its current form is a luxury device. Yes the big screen does make for interesting and compelling apps…but all these apps are available on your iPhone or Android device. Keep in mind I also own a HTC Evo which has a 4” screen so it is an excellent tablet like device when needed.

Now this is not to say that I don’t think people should buy tablets as they are leading I think one day to becoming our new laptops. The iPad 2 seems to be a very well made device and thoroughly supported. However I personally will not jump into the Tablet market until I see more compelling software and more uses other than what appears to be a luxury device.

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  • Beast

    Battery life for one thing, evo is in dead last compared to Ipads and xooms. Multiple Gpu’s makes for better gaming and a distinct OS is becoming more and more obvious. Especially in the android world.

  • Good points. I should add I don’t do mobile gaming often. Maybe every now and then I’ll do a level of angry birds, but I’m just not a mobile gamer. Sit me down in front of a big screen TV and a powerful console or my PC and yeah, then we’ll talk…but I just find most touch controls are awkward and unnatural.

    I hear you on the battery part as well, except again, i don’t game often which sucks the most juice out of these things. I also do have a Powermat backup battery for days I will be away from my charger for a while.

  • Summary:

    You’re poor.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with him, it’s a middle-device that doesn’t really fit if you carry a laptop and a smartphone with you already.

  • Annemarie D Mcdonnell

    Really compelling argument Vincent.
    I agree with Douglas.

  • They need to make an extra large iPad.

    They can call it the iMaxiPad